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The Tifinie Capehart Team with PARKS is a real estate team of professionals who focus on Home, Lifestyle, and Community. The team is lead by Tifinie Capeahrt. Tifinie has been a Realtor for 8 years. She has an Urban Planning background and consultancy with over 11 years experience working in the areas of Community Planning, Housing Policy, and Community Design here in Nashville. While a city planner, Tifinie lead long-range planning initiatives in Madison, North Nashville, and Antioch, and was the lead planner in the area of Community Engagement and Housing Policy discussions for NashvilleNext, Nashville's long range comprehensive plan. Since joining PARKS, Tifinie has remained a Top 10 leading sales agent within the PARKS - West Nashville Office, and since forming The Capehart Team in 2022, has reached a number one ranking in the summer of 2022 for team sales in the PARKS - West Nashville Office. Tifinie Capehart is a graduate of Tennessee State University's College of Engineering, and holds a Master's Degree in Urban Planning, Housing, and Community Development from the University of Louisville. Tifinie's family includes her husband who is a Nashville native, and two children. 

Team Members: 

Courtland Johnson is a Realtor and Nashville native. He has a background in Coroporate Human Resources, with degrees from Middle Tennessee State University, and Trevecca University. Courtland works with first time homebuyers, particularly millenials and beyond, looking to start their home investment journeys. 

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Some people are very casual when it comes to signing papers that affect their finances for decades. But for those who recognize that small steps early in the game can affect major outcomes later, it's fortunate that there are professionals who dedicate themselves to learning about the process and local market conditions, and who can turn a nightmare of stress and confusion into a relatively painless experience (let's be honest).

I'm an educated professional with a few years of experience in this market, and I think I've seen almost every trick and turn of the industry already. I've also had intimate experience with properties in most of these neighborhoods, making me an invaluable person to talk to when it comes to relocation to or within this area. I'm confident that I can save you not only tens of thousands of dollars, but a great deal of time and emotional energy as well.

But I'm not simply a piece of hardware you can point at a house. I'm a human who laughs and smiles, and I'll take the time to find out what you really need most from me as a professional real estate agent. If you would like to know anything about my services, or if you'd like to hear about the local market from a human voice, please contact me at your convenience.

Some words that might be used to describe me:

  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Enthusiastic
  • Humble
  • Thorough
  • Attentive